Barony of Ulgor

The Barony of Ulgor is a lightly populated barony in the NW Corner of the Ulfmur forest. It lies south by southwest of the Wastes of Feldr, South east of the Deepwood (un-settled Ulfmur), and roughly two days north west of the Draksrid duchy border. The western boundry of the barony edges up against the Ogien mountains.

The barony is known for its remote wilderness and excellent tapping, hunting, and fishing. The barony hosts many small rivers and streams, and some claim the spring water of Ulgor is the cleanest in the world. Baron Borabar Ulgor ascribes to the idea of the clean water of the barony, and runs a brewery and distillery out of his castle of Ulghrad, in the barony seat of Vensk. They produce a Remnish Ale, a Pale Wheat, and a “Dwarf style” Trosk Stout. The distillery produces an aged, reddish, bourbon-like whiskey called Baron’s Reserve that has yet to get much local popularity, but is well liked abroad.

There are four villages, two small towns, and a medium sized town in Ulgor.


Small Towns:

Medium Town/Barony Seat:
-Home of the famous Baron Ulgor’s Ulfmur Ales

Barony of Ulgor

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